One website to rule them all

After two weeks of hard work I am very happy to share with you Manwarp official website! I wanted a place to centralize all my work and content: it is now done.

If you read these lines you are actually browsing on it. What do you think? Do you feel comfortable here? I hope so and that you will come back regularly to follow the adventure! To not miss anything I invite you to sign up for my newsletter (you can do this on the "Home" page) so I can send you directly hot news, new releases, exclusive content, etc.

This site will evolve in the future. I am currently making researches to set up a shop with merch but everything in its own time. Do not hesitate to give me feedback if you see any mistakes or even if you have suggestions to improve it. I can already thank Eve, Marcon, Benjamin, Tanguy, Mathilda, Godiv, Valentine, Vincent and Damien for checking the whole site before publication.

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