“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda

On a troubled world called earth, from a little town called Paris, there was a human witnessing the paradoxes of mankind. One day he found his purpose producing inspiring songs for people searching for inspiration. That is how Manwarp started.

This producer launched his new journey in 2019, after fifteen years of making music, in hopes of reaching people across the globe. Somewhere between the nostalgia of the disco era, the energy of rap instrumentals and the onset of house and techno, Manwarp successfully manages to combine his influences and released a concept EP: "Don't Quarantine" on April 2020.

Self-producing through his own label, Tapage Records, Manwarp ensures total control over his work and the definition of his sound: expressive music with strong drums, ethereal synths and penetrating melodies.

On October 2020, Manwarp delivers his most ambitious project yet: a collaboration with dancers and video makers to produce a music video for his new “Trough the Gap” deluxe version. This unique artistic piece was financed by his growing community of listeners.

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